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This Could Be Us But You Won’t Click The Article because I said So!


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If you are looking to have some fun or you getting bored, you don't need to worry. Because you have the best companion to help you in such matter called "The Internet". It's literally full of funny stuff that will make you laugh and make your moment full of joy and happiness. There are trends that comes and goes but the trend of the comics and especially the funny one has stuck since the idea of funny comics was introduced. Everybody loves sharing them on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. People send it to there friends to share the laugh and enjoy the moment together. Funny comics in itself is a vast terms and covers a lot of sub-terms. The terms vary when it comes to their popularity. This is the reason a lot of people got viral and famous on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because they had the quality of making a fun thing and making people smile. Making people smile is one of the best feeling you can ever get. There are a lot to share but specifically there is a sub-category in funny comics that has been trending all over the internet and has gone insanely viral on 9gag and it's referred to as "This Could Be Us But You". Each and every single comic of them is so hilarious that they almost make you laugh your lungs out. For making your moment happy and full of laughter we have compiled the best and cream comics that are present in this category. Some of them are extremely hilarious, while some of them may prove to be sad for some of the people because it's has the potential to hit a nerve.

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