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Top Ten Social Networking Sites That Are Connecting You With Online Communities

Now communication method has changed now people don’t required old fashioned ways to talk with each other by dialing phone or writing letter. Today everyone is connected to social networking site and in contact with s/he friends, family, colleges and others. Before these social media people were using Yahoo chat groups, MySpace and LiveJournal to chat with friend and family via internet service but now this in the old way to get connected with friends and family. Today social media has made easy communication by allowing other plus features that have become necessary for us. Here is a list of top Ten Social Networking Sites that are ranked to top and maximum users are using them for different reasons.

1. Twitter:

twitter app

Twitter is at the top of all social networking sites due to its high popularity among all kind users. In few years back twitter has become the topper for sharing real-time news to millions of users. You can tweet short messages of 144 characters and can tweet to your followers. You can share images and can send private messages. This platform is famous among all famous celebrities that are now connected to their followers. These days twitter is very effective for micro blogging and sharing of updates to the users.

2. Facebook:

Facebook app

Facebook is a thriving beast of all social networking site and for billions of connected users. People from all over the world are using for personal and business purposes. Now facbook has become the most desiring method to promote online business and to interact with their customers. People are using it for sharing images and for chatting with friends.

3. Google Plus:

Google Plus app

In early summer of 2011 this social networking site came into the competition and got third position into the race. People are making their own circles for communicating their fellows and sharing information with each other. You can add your followers to sell your products online and can increase traffic of users on your website by sharing them valuable information.

4. Youtube:

Youtube app

Are you looking for massive database of video online? We all know the name Youtube is online biggest source for billions of online videos. It is a second largest search engine after Google and it is recognized on all social networking site for sharing videos. Users subscribe private and public video channels to get connected with the people and to share their views here.

5. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn app

We all need to get jobs according to our professional skills. First time a social networking site introduced for all professional to share their working experience and skill to get connected with employers. It is right with all top social networking sites like facebook, twitter and google+ and all individual users to promote their resume, skills and profession to find jobs. Well this platform is not only for to get jobs her but for the companies and employers who are looking for professionals to get services. You can find here discussion groups, posts and jobs ads.

6. Instagram:

Instagram apps

Intragram is another most popular social networking site that is used to share images and video with your followers. Instagram is mobile app for android and iPhones to share your real time images . This app is available with exclusive limted platform like IOS operating system, Androids and now for web also.

7. Pintersest:

Pintersest app

Pinterest has becoming the most popular networking site to share visual content to the users. We can see larger date of images that is uploaded in pinterest and about 10 million users are visiting this site monthly to share their images to pinboards. This is used to promote business too to display items on their pinboard to highlight their services. You can use it for individual account to show visual collection here.


Tumblr app

Tumblr is famous social networking site that is hit amongst youngsters and teens for promoting blogging here. This site is famous for showcasing visual content to the followers here. You can customize your blog by updating its theme, reblogging and set different formats for you blogs here. You can follow community and get back followers for your profile. You will get good response if your post having good content then you people will start following you and you will get good visitors on your site.


Vine app

Twitter has launched another app Vine that is supporting mobile videos on the web. You can share your mobile videos with online community you can share videos with embedded inline links on the twitter directly by your tweets. This app will play video in autoloop but it has time limit of 6 seconds. You can only share video length of 6 seconds and now it is going to rank up in all video sharing websites due to its excellent features.

10. Snapchat:

Snapchat app

Snapchat is kind of social networking site that is allowing users fro instant messaging , this is mobile app that is supported in android and IOS platform for communicated fellows via internet. This is fastest growing app that is allowing users to share messages, image and videos. This famous social app for kids and your when your send messages to your friends it got deleted after your read it once.

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