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Top Ten social media sites That Parent Should Know About Now

Are your kids and teens are always on social media sites? Are they devoting their time on social sites more than their studies? Yes off course your answer will be yes when you seeing your child is getting so involved in chatting and talking with your friends. According to the recent report that teens checks their social sites account back and forth during the every hour. Today there are so many social media sites and social apps that have so many teens users for chats, sending videos, and to gossip with friends and social groups.

Parent should need to know that what they are children are doing at mobile phones and computers. They should be aware how social media sites and social app are making their child busy. Facebook is much popular and almost all parents know about this social site today we are going to tell you some other sites that are mostly used by teens.

#1 Twitter:

social media site

The micro blogging website “Twitter” is the most popular social site that has millions of registered users for sharing short messages and short videos daily. It allows 140 characters short message called “Tweet” to its followers. Teens are using this site for tweeting and chatting with their friends how is following them or which they following. This site is biggest platform for sharing new news, gossips and social blogging service. All famous celebs are at this site and this is too the main reason of teens for joining it to communicate with their favorite celebs.

#2 Instagram:

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Instagram is a website where you can share videos, images and can edits them by adding amazing photo effects via your phone. Well you can use it by phone by downloading its app to your phone and connect with your followers. Peoples are sharing and coming on videos and photos.teens are busy in posting their selfies to get comments and sharing or to get followers.

#3 Snapchat:

top social media sites for teens

Snapchat is mobile app that is used to share images and to chat with friends. This app is created to allow teens share image of their fun and light moments instantly. Well in many American schools this app is blocked during the school timing to give them proper time for study in schools. Well this site can be harmful for seeing and sending impropriate contents to each others.

#4 Tumblr:

social networking sites for teens

Tumblr is microblogging site like twitter and allowing it’s users for posting images, text messages, animations, audio and video clips to friends. Teens are using tumblr for posting funny mimics’ and online gifts to each others. Parent should check what their kids are doing at it because some pornographic images, and videos and harmful content can easily be searched here.

#5 Google +:

social media sites for adults

Google plus is getting popular and allowing users to create their own social circles to share images, videos and text messages. Google plus allows the users to make their own circle and limit the access so they can share content that is not allowed in the teen age so parent should know about this to check what they are doing at this platform.

#6 Vine:

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Vine is another social app that allows to watch looping videos of six seconds. This social app is created by twitter and their unique community of expert peoples are making funny and amazing videos. This social app can be harmful for the teens because they can search video that spread nuditiy and can restricted watch in this age. If you find you child involving to see these kind of video then you should need to talk on this.

#7 Wanelo:

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Wanelo is actually word that is originated by the three words “want”, “Need” and “Love”. This is created for online shopping, fashion blogging and to connect with all social networking sites. Users can buy everything here by just making online orders. If you kids are using this then you might be don’t know what they are wishing to order.

#8 Kik Messenger:

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Kik is messenger app that is created to send text messages to your friend and family. It is popular app because it has not restriction of characters and messages to send each other. You need to ask them to use their full name as username to show their identification that will stay them away for faking others.

#9 Oovoo:

social media platform

This is premium and free app for sharing text messages, videos and images to the friends. This app is free for texting and sending videos and images to your 12 friends but for more you have to pay charges. This is easiest app to enjoy the video chat but you can ask you kids to avoid long chatting incase if it comes to sensitive topics.

#10 Yik Yak:

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It is free app that can share you location and allows you chat and sending images and video to each others. You kids can know here many secrets and personal things of other they can find out the location of a person within 1.5 mile radius.



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