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Top Ten Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Of 2015 In UK

Today we are going to share with you the top ten windows phone of 2015 that are getting popularity in UK. Here we are going to share with you the top tens Windows phones that are circulating in market due to their highly appreciable features.

Windows phone is always being the third choice for Smartphone lovers other than IOS and Android phones. These phones are Microsoft windows operation systems mostly they run on Windows 8 and Windows 7 but currently every windows phone have Win8. Here is list below of Windows phone that have windows 8 and getting popular in market now days. But according to latest review these phone will be at the top in demand range of Users.

1. Nokia Lumia 820:

Nokia Lumia 820 features

Nokia reviewed this phone at 12th November 2012 and it’s a smaller and cheaper version of Nokia Lumia 920. It has all features that 920 version has but it has small pack for key punches and screen and camera resolution. You can enjoy the interchangeable amazing phone covers and it has amazing battery life more than other android phones. Currently it is available at £400 to buy.

2. Nokia Lumia 920:

Nokia Lumia 920 features

Everyone who loves to use Windows phone then Nokia Lumia 920 is the best choice ever for using Smartphone. It has decent screen with HD camera and amazing features of Keypunches. You can buy this phone at only £444 to enjoy the best Windows features to feel free to download amazing apps for your use.

3. Nokia Lumia 1020:

Nokia Lumia 1020 feartures

Nokia has launched this amazing version with extended features at 23rd September 2013 with the valued price £600. Nokia Lumia 1020 has excellent camera with HD resolutions and this is most attractive features for Photographers who like to make images and selfies. This is extended version of Nokia Lumia 920 and this version is made to give the HD Camera results.

4. Nokia Lumia 1320:

Nokia Lumia 1320 features

Nokia Lumia is just simple feature phone with OK performance and not big screen. This version is not having much popularity due to its limted feature but it is good phone for those who just to need have limited functions at reasonable price. You can buy this phone just for only £238 with free VAT SIM. Besides other limited features like normal camera and screen, it has brilliant battery timing that you can enjoy buy using it for long hours.

5. Microsoft Lumia 830:

Microsoft Lumia 830 features

Well if you are going to buy Microsoft Lumia 830 then there is nothing wrong in it with limited but amazing features. It well built and very stylish looked Window phone with normal resolution camera. Its camera is not HD but not that too bad to say that it has poor image result. Just for £319 is not much to buy this simple phone , it is a extended version n of Lumia 630 and with little change in their prices you can get more features in this version than you old one phone.

6. Nokia Lumia 520:

Nokia Lumia 520 features

If you are addicted to Windows phone and looking for cheapest phone with amazing feature that any expensive phone should have then from the 520 range of Nokia Lumia you can find best phone versions. Well this version not marking all best features that every expensive phone have but better than other cheapest phone within its affordable price. It is available with cheap price just for only £130 and customers love to buy it due to its amazing features that every common user wants to have in his phone.

7. Nokia Lumia 720:

Nokia Lumia 720 feature

This Nokia version is cheap but really with the brilliant features that make it in the range of good windows phone. This Smartphone is built up for windows 8 with stylish looks and colorful interchangeable covers. Get good battery life, HD Camera, Smart touch screen quality features. Find decent performance and fast processing feature with this phone on just £200 to £250 price range.

8. Nokia Lumia 1520:

Nokia Lumia 720 feature

Now our list is coming towards the best windows phone available in the market and Nokia Lumia 1520 is one of them that has good market demand. You can find unique feature like fast process, good camera, smart touch screen, good screen resolution and built in app with good storage. You will enjoy making images by its camera that will give you image to HD results. It is available for £189 and you can also find amazing deals with this phone.

9. Nokia Lumia 735:

Nokia Lumia 735 and 730

Are you selfie lover? Are you looking for phone with best camera result? Nokia Lumia 735 is the exact one for that you looking for. It is an ideal Smartphone for capturing selfies with the cheapest price just £735. This Smartphone supports microSD, Qi Wireless, and 4G LTE fastest internet service. Its users are hoping for its latest version with extra features in near future.

10. Nokia Lumia 930:

Nokia Lumia 930 feature

Nokia Lumia is stylish metal designed with decent functioned hardware lined up in it. You can find camera of good resolution, 4G LTE, Decent functions, Bluetooth and good sound. You can enjoy the enhanced version of Windows 8 and third party software. You will love the battery life by enjoying long hour’s videos and audio playing on it.

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