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Top Ten best Smartphone Features Must Have

Everyone is using Smartphone by throwing out their old mobile phone due to amazing features. If you are going to purchase smartphone from a market then you will get puzzle by seeing numbers of smartphone brands. Yes we all know that Smartphones have screen touch, wifi, eye tracking and wireless charging features but there are some feature without that you will not enjoying using it. Here we are going to share with you best Smartphone features, you can’t live without them.

Technology is changing rapidly and there are some revolutionary technology features that are present in next generation smartphones. Here are some features that you must be willing to have in your Smartphone. Get a view on these desirable smartphone features.

#1 Long Lasting Battery:

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We all want our smartphone with long lasting battery timing. After using whole day, or watching movies at smartphone we all wish that our phone works without hanging with charger. In market there are so many smartphones who claims for good battery but some only works when you touch your phone one or two times in a day. Driod Maxx is leading phone who gives 48 hours battery timing and on second number there is Samsung galaxy 3 that have 12-16 hours battery timing.

#2 Wrap Speed Processing:

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Smartphone loves always hunts for fastest processing phone. There are so many smartphones whose speed get low on downloading apps and that is really very embarrassing. iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 plus are the fastest smartphones in the market. There are few more competitors that are incredible in fast processing like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Motorola Moto X.

#3 Clear Display:

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We all love you play movies, watching images and clips at our smartphone and when your phone has amazing display then you feel so happy to the images quality. We all love you see the crystal clear display screen of our smartphone to see the HD results of movies and images. In the market Samsung Galaxy S4 has best screen resolution. There are many other smartphones that are close to this like LG G2 and Nokia Lumia 1020. Will iphone 5S and Iphone 6 plus has good display and pixel size result with great color resolution effect.

#4 Camera Result:

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With arrival of Smartphone we all love to capture images from smartpone without carrying cameras n our hand. By Smartphone Cameras you will see the great difference in photography by the old photography. Now every Smartphone have camera but users prefer to have a phone with great camera for great photos. Nokia Lumia 1020, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and elite ZEISS phones are doing incredible job in good picture capturing by giving HD resolutions and colors accuracy.

#5 NFC:

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Now a days the great feature NFC (Near Field Communication) is necessary feature that all smartphone users want to have in their phones. This feature lets you to exchange or transfer your phone data into the other phone or tablet. This is handy feature for transferring images and music albums. Enjoy this feature at store or any party or club.

#6 Multiple App Windows:

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Many smartphones get slow due to opening more than one or two app windows. Only the fastest smartphone allows you to open multiple windows at once like Samsung Galaxy Phones, Iphones, LGs and Motorola phones. Some Android phones get stuck on opening one app sometimes and that is really embarrassing actually.

#7 Great Storage:

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Now we use to store our all personal or business date in our hand to access any times and smartphone given us secure data storages service. We all want to have enough data storages service in our smartphones . iPhone is leading smartphone that is allowing great data storages of 16 to 32 GB capacity for storing data.

#8 Infrared Remote Control: smartphone reviews

Well this is a very cool feature that now if you TV remote is not working then you can control your TV by your smartphone. Yes in some smartphones like Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones has infrared remote control feature. Infrared Transmitter app helps you to change TV channels or on or off easily. There are some third party apps that are available in iphones and some android for this feature.

#9 Finger Print Sensor:

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iPhones 5s is most popular smartphne for having this fingerprint Sensor feature. This feature is added to the phone for securing the data , usually used as screen lock, phone will display main menu only when it detect the exact finger print. Some windows and android phone has this feature.

#10 Wireless Charging:

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Now days we don’t need to hang ourselves while charging our phones. We can use handy wireless charging devices to charge our phones anywhere. Iphone power bank is example of the wireless charging it can charge your phone in 1 hr easily.

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