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Top Ten Amazing features of iPhone 6 update

Everyone was waiting for the arrival of iPhone6 and here is happy news for them that their wait is over now Iphone recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. You will get exciting by seeing new features that iPhone has launched in iphone 6 that are different from other portfolios. Today is feeling to exciting to share with you amazing and exceptional features of iphone 6 update with the viewer who are waiting to for it to buy and after reading our post they will immediate go for shopping their new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

Boast To Storage:

iphone 6 storage capacity

You will get exciting to know that both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are enlarge in storage. Enjoy 128 GB build-in storage with high-class mobile features in it. As this time iphone has enlarged within reasonable prices and if you see the its features then you will forget its high pricing. iPhone has introduced the change of storage in its previous model firstly it started with 16GB then slowly goes to 32GB , 64GB and now it’s currently comes to 128 GB which is quite enough for users.

4G Networking:

what does 4g lte mean

iPhone is best for supporting high speed networking and now iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus has CAT 4 LTE chip in it to provide you fastest networking services. Users can enjoy 4G high-speed internet with 150 Mbps. This time they have improved 50Mbps by its previous module iphone 5. Surprise is not over here that new iPhone has just improved its 4G technology but it is supporting 20 LTE bands, which will enable its users to roam around the whole world. Now you can access (VoLTE) and (VoWiFi) on your new handsets of iphone.

WIFI Calling Program:

iphone wifi calling app

This is a very exciting feature for users that they can now enjoy calling by using WIFI networking. Users can transfer their data in high speed , this is good news for users who are using poor WiFi services in their region and now they will use Mobile WiFi calling system on new iPhone 6. You can find always this excellent signal even if your office is lower and upper building and connected with the WiFi. Enjoy VoLTE and 4G networking on the phone and enjoy high speed networking at indoor and outdoor locations. New iphone 6 and iPhone6 plus are supporting 802.11ac with 433Mbps high-speed data transmitting.

iOS 8 Operating System:

ios operating system download for android

Both new iphone released have IOS 8 Operating system with new technology amazing features.Get raft features like HealthKit and HomeKits that enable the users to control home appliance and health card information. Apply company is working to remove the gap between IOS 8 and OS X. This feature will help a lot the users to exchange their data to all devices of Apple to iMac devices easily.

Good Battery Timing:

good battery life smartphones 2014

Users always need to have good battery life after one charge in a day. New iPhone 6 is giving you guaranty for 24 hours taking time on 3G and 12 hours on CAT 4 LTE. Enjoy 14 hours video playing 80 hours for audio playing on your new phone. You can use your phone for 384 hours at standby time.

Phone Design:

iphone 6 design concepts

Well this time iphone users will see that Apply has enlarged its screen for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. You can measured it body with 6.9mm x 7.1mm dimensions and its very slimmed as compared to previous versions. This is debut design for Smartphone with different colors like gray, gold and silver. This time new styled glass screen with curved edges and with the smarter looks.

Optical Image Stabilisation Technology:

iphone 6 camera megapixels

Customers who are buying Smartphone concerns about the images quality of the phone and now they will get happy to know that new iPhone have optical image stabilisation technology. They have improved the picture quality by taking shot in real-time. You will see that image is without the alternation and light degradations. iPhone 6 plus have but sadly that iPhone 6 has not this camera feature.

A8 super chip

AUDI A8 G-Force Performance Chip

Every Smartphone key selling point is its performance and Apply Company can’t compromise on its performances that’s why it is improving its technologies day by day. iPhone 6 is using the new cutting edge technology and A8 super Chip is used in it that is 25% faster than any CPU performance and 50% better in graphics performance. You will forget the performance of iPhone 5 when you will use this new phone because you will find this 50% faster than it.

NFC functionality

near field communication functionality

Well this feature is only for US citizen in which Apply will pay contactless payments to all participating retailer like McDonald’s, Subway and Disney Store. If users are now concerned about the security over using NFC functionality then there is Secure Element chip in it to store the history of all transactions that let you know about all activities.

Screen Size:

iphone 6 screen resolution

Before Apply refused to enlarge the screen but this time iPhone 6 has larger screen this time from previous models like iPhone 5 and others with the standard size 3.7in.CEO of Apple Steve Jobs said that they don’t want to enhance the size on pocket phone to small tablets to keep in pockets.

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