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She though she was pregnant with triplets, When she went into labor the doctors told her this.


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In this age when the technology has got really advanced people expect less and less miracles to happen every day in which man achieve new goal in different fields of technology. There was a time when people believed in luck and fate. There whole life and practices were associated with their beliefs. But now a days people are more and more less believers towards the thing that is called miracle. Many stories come up in our mind when we utter the word miracle but something are so incredible when they are heard they are too impossible to believe, even the word miracle doesn't seem to cover them. A news like this spread through out the globe when the forty one years old Kimberly Fugate got into labor. Before her going into the labor the doctors told her to expect triplets. But when she got into the labor she gave birth to four babies. Everyone was shocked, not for the fact that she gave birth to four babies but for the fact that all of them were identicles. The possibly of having four identical babies is literally one millions. The mother calls this a miracle and a mere gift from the God himself. She embarrassed it with all of her heart and soul. Now all the babies are one years old and all of them are healthy. The family seems to be quite happy about it. Especially the mother is excited to have them around and curious and looking forward to what future brings to them.

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