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Third Graders’ Notes To Teacher About Their Lives Leave Her In Tears (04 Photos)


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A teacher in Colorado, who joined the school recently. She decided tho to know her student a little better by a very unique method. She is a teacher of the students of 3rd grade. She asked her students to an assignment from home. The title of the assignment was I wish my teacher knew. She thought that they are kids and this will help in nourishment of their minds and she can observe how much her class is creative. What can a person expect from a note from a third grader ? Something like, "I wish my teacher knew how much I love candy or chocolate". But what she got in response will break your heart into pieces. The notes expressed the problems of the children that were breathtaking. With the modern days comes the modern day problems. The kids these days are different from old days. They were able to express themselves thins openly beaus the teacher said that they can write anonymous notes. The teacher after reading these notes was full of emotions and she decided to share it with the social media. This was quite unique so it got viral and it made it to the news. This is a pressing matter that should not be neglected. The parents need to communicate with their children and know their problems and institutes should make these kind of assignment a consistent practice so that the children can express how they feel and these kind of problems can be dealth with. So they don't have problem growing. This is for the future of these kids. Some of these notes will make your eyes teary and make you angry. Lets hope for the best for the future of these kids.

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