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Ten Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

Facebook has become most famous social networking website to hang up with your friends and family there. There are so many benefits for suing the facebook to get social in your community but there are so many reasons for me that are the reason behind I hate facebook. Sometimes I get annoy and fed up with such crap things happens in facebook and then I think to deactivate my account. Today I am going share with you ten main reasons for why I hate facebook.

#10 It’s Getting Commercial:

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We all use facebook for getting social with our community and now it’s getting commercial. Now you facebook is using for business purpose to selling products. If you make any page for any purpose you have follow the business terms to promote your post. Now to promote your post to your followers you need to pay $5 to $300. If you will pay this amount then you status will be promote to your all follower otherwise only few follower will get access. Now will get percentage, graphs to check the whole fact s and figure how much to get benefits for posting any post. Well I do come here to enjoy not doing business of my post at facebook.

#9 Everyday New Settings:

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Well it’s good to make changes when it need but at least give some time to these changes to enjoy. Facebook is making changes so rapidly as we find the now facebook settings are changed and get use to it by stalking interest to set our profile but suddenly we find once again facebook settings are changes that makes us fed up sometime. Recently they have changed the privacy setting and I changed my privacy setting but one of my send told me that my personal image is again visible and got suspeciosu and I checked my setting and get shocked to see again facebook setting has changed. It is physical painful for all users who don’t know about facebook daily updates.

#8 Hide and Seek

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This is damn ridiculous when you hide green sign visible to chat from your friends. You become safe by popping up chat boxes of friend when you are not in mood of chatting but now facebook has added the seen feature in chats.if you read and ignore to answer you friend then the seen status makes many complexion in your friendship and relationships.

#7 Friend Requests:

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If we meet in any occasion and I said hi to meet the formalities but It does not mean we can be friends. Now its common that that everyone have more than 500 friends and in 500 friends there are more than half mutual friends we have in our profile. By stalking the fb profile people starts sending friend request if they find you mutual friend.

#6 Central Enjoying Park:

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Facebook has become like “own gang” where you guys can chill can shout out whatever you want to do. This is like the central park or pubs where you can do whatever you want to do hiding from your parents. As you can enjoy drinks, dance and useless activities with your friends or unknown people in the pubs so, as on facebook you can share whatever you want to say and do anything by hiding your activities by your parents.

#5 Game Request:

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I don’t like to play games and I told you before then why you guys sending me game requests. This is a daily question that I make to my friends when they send me bundle of game request that I hate very much. Now facebook has started many game applications and every day I get too many requests for games that make me angry now.

#4 Picture Tagging:

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Facebook has changed its privacy setting now you can view picture of friends of friends in which they are tagged in. I hate to see unwanted images in my timeline who I don’t know. People are uploading images to facebook and they are tagging everyone in their picture just to get comments and like and that is ridiculous for me.

#3 Wastage of time:

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It is very bad to know that today’s generation is using facebook 18 hours per day. Now everyone is using facebook app to their mobiles so they can handle their accounts via phone. Students are using college and school WIFI for using facebook and they are attending their school with concentration. To get social is too good but to get social for the wastage of time is not good thing. This is a most important reason to say that I hate facebook.

#2 No Privacy:

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Image you are enjoying party in your own way with your friends and there you come your parents, aunt, uncle, kids, neighbor, old friends, boss,, collages and other fellow then it will be awkward for you to enjoy in your own way. Well you can separate your personal life and professional life here. If you post something then your all friends, family and collages will access your post easily.

#1 Facebook Addiction:

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Facebook addiction is like any alcoholic addiction that is difficult to avoid. The people who are addicted to make daily post, chatting with friends, make fun, making selfies and to get update by social pages feels so difficult to take their eye off to their account for some time.

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