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Ten Best Cars With Respect To Performance

If you are looking for buying new car and thinking about which car to choose which is best in the performances. We normally calculate the performance of the car with its high fuel consumption and big running performance on the big roads. Car manufacturer companies are working hard to create cars with better performance to beat the competition. Now days manufacturing companies are using smaller turbocharged engines to use instead of larger units to help the economy for less fuel consumption. Today bestoftens is sharing with you top ten high performance cars that will help you in making decisions for choosing which car is best for you and help you in saving money for using less fuel.

#1 Porsche Boxster 2011:

Porsche Boxster 2011 spec

Porsche Boxster is useable every car and this is its key feature that not bother you while sitting in long jam traffic. It has stylish appearance with graceful strong body. You can find it superb smoothing, peaceful, and easy gear manipulation. This sports car and its good in speed and having good engine that helps in saving fuel at long drive. It has larger steel while of 18 inch and it has prominent back with light gears.

#2 Porsche Cayman 2005:

Porsche Cayman 2005 spec

Porsche Cayman is amazingly balanced and excellent gripped car to drive. This is considered easy and comfortable car for daily driving. It is balanced in all condition by having good equipments and it is mid-engined car. It has Dual clutch PDK (gear box) that help in fast gear changing. You will get advantage for fast speed of 0-62 mph which is more than standard manual. You can enjoy 2 years unlimited miles and it offers 20,000 miles

#3 2014 Chevrolet SS:

2014 Chevrolet SS spec

2014 Chevrolet SS has plenty of features that is enough for you to get impressed with it beside from two things that if you want to change its color or to get sunroof. But its manufacturing design and advance equipments are pretty cool and impressive for users who love to long run drive. Enjoy 415 house powers with its curb weight which is approximately 3,975 pounds. It is affordable to buy with in good budget and right now it is available for just $43,475.

#4 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, 2002

Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, 2002 spec

I must say that Ford F-150 SVT Lightning having is fire breather for car lovers. You can find it with super cool stylish body and series of engines that will maintain to keep this truck to serious following. It has strictly good gear that is used to keep truck always straight. It has huge truck body to bear the heavy weight loaded on it. The equipments are designed by keeping in mind how truck has to handle in heavy traffic by loading heavy weight on it.

#5 Audi RS5 2010:

Audi RS5 2010 spec

If you are Audi car lover then you would love the Audi RS5 2005 high class model that you always expect from Audi cars. It is providing you incredible performance by using v8 engine and beautiful body design. This time in RS5 Model Company has used upgraded V8 engine that is providing more power with the range 450PS and 430Nm of torque. You will love the sport seats with good quality leather covers. There are low slung driving seats and with many adjustment options to make you positing comfortable while driving the car. It has dimension for 4649mn x 2020mm with 1715–1920 kg.

#6 BMW M3 2007:

BMW M3 2007 spec

If we talk about the best driver’s car then BMW M3 is best option with its leading features than its previous BMWs. It is single handedly seated car with extremely high speed which supported extended version of v8 engine in it. You will enjoy the extremely my luxury interior and its stylish and attractive looks. It is for fast driving with 1655-1905 kg kerb weight and you can enjoy 3 years unlimited miles. The real highlight info is that is have six-speed manual gear box and easy to slow down the speed when you driving with high speed. It has latest price in market £45,195 – £61,720.

#7 Audi TT RS 2009:

Audi TT RS 2009 spec

It’s best Audi car with having lots of useful characteristics and powerful features. You can enjoy 5 cylendric engines to give it high power to run fast on the roads. It is quite easy to control in fast driving to slow down the speed quickly to avoid accidents. For “International Engine of the Year” Audi TT RS 2009 got highest vote and its 2.5 liter turbo engine which is providing 340bhp and 450Nm torque. It has extra-ordinary features that is good for car lovers to drive their car with stylish interior and body structure. It has 4198mm length and 1342-1348mm height and having good boot space which is 250 – 700L.

#8 Chevrolet Camaro 2012:

Chevrolet Camaro 2012 spec

Are your retro fashion lover and looking for best car with stylish retro looks. Chevrolet Camaro 2012 is stylish retro muscular car with 2.8 liter v8 engine and other superb feature that you will love to have in this car. It has monster 6.2 liter engine and it is quite big engine that is not expectable in American muscular cars before. It has 420 house powers and 570Nm torque which is good dimension to show you the speed of the car. You can have good gear acceleration and 10,000 miles of servicing.

#9 Jaguar XKR 2006:

Jaguar XKR 2006 spec

Jaguar XKR is purposeful designed car which is attractive for car lovers and they can’t resist buying it. Customers can enjoy it excellent performance and its supercharged v8 engine performance. It entire interior is actually plus point with its amazing features. XKR has modern styling and advance interior, its body has super amazing torsional power. It has convertible triple lined fabric at the roof that protect in high speed driving from strong wind and noise.

#10 Porsche Boxster Spyder 2010:

Porsche Boxster Spyder 2010 spec

This is a best car that provides its customers high performance and variety of handling levels in fast driving. Porsche Boxster Spyder is featured car with flexible PDK double clutch gearbox. You will get good advantage for having 3.4 litre six- engines and easy handling in high speed driving.

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