This Could Be Us But You Won’t Click The Article because I said So!

If you are looking to have some fun or you getting bored, you don't need to worry. Because you have the best companion to help you in such matter called "The Internet". It's literally full of funny stuff that will make you laugh and make your moment full of joy and happiness. There are trends that comes and goes but the trend of the comics and especially the funny one has stuck since the idea of funny comics was introduced. Everybody loves sharing them on social sites like Fa...Continued

12 Expert-Level Pickup Artists – Must Try in Real World

The world that we live in right now is completely different than it was few decades ago. The needs to survive and be alpha in this world are different. With the passage of time human beings developed new trick to tackle the problem. They do it in such a way that were never thought to be possible. For instance you are a guy like a girl or vice versa, going up to them and convincing them to exchange a number with you seemed like a task that was merely impossible. But then people developed a new ar...Continued

Texting Fails Can Make Relationships Awkward…And These 16 Are The Worst

<p>If you are feeling that your relationship is about to sink then you need to think about how to fix the fading relationship. If you are really serious to save your relationship then you must put reflection on your relationship to find the problem before it ends. There could be several reasons behind this situation and you must know what actually reason is but if not then think about it. Every perfect relationship has some problem it doesn’t mean that if you are happy and in good relat...Continued

Expectation vs. Reality

Expectation is always different from the reality like how many times you've got that something bad is going to happen but actually that didn't happen yes that is particularly true the expectation sometimes a bit early meet with the reality and most of the times your idea about things they are done the things which may happen but actually didn't happen in real life. so what so ever it may be the case the expectations and barely met with the reality and no ideas and media is very to...Continued

Guy Catches Girlfriend Cheating On Him, The Outcome is AMAZING

Cheating is a really bad act to be done with other people, because in the end, the bad stuff returns to the one who actually created that, so while doing bad stuff to the other people one must take care of the result or he must be way too much ignorant of the facts, because being ignorant can actually save him, since the nature whenever intervenes then this costs way too much to the one who actually has tried to create hindrance in the process of the nature, because things happen in their own pa...Continued