Mom was following a school bus and saw an officer doing something that she couldn’t stop herself from sharing online

The law is the only thing that is a big hurdle in the way of criminals to achieve their agendas. When man felt a need of keeping a check on people they introduced law. The first know Jurisprudence to man that was created by man goes way back to the roman era. They are the ones who started this practice of law along with other things like politics. The law it self isn't complete if it is just left in the codified form, to fulfill this need a law enforcing department was necessary. It was cre...Continued

Thug Mom Goes Off on Facebook About How She’s Going to Raise Her Kid

Parenting is very important when it comes to the future of the child, if one wants to be good parent then he/she must be careful about the future of the child and how the child acts. If he/she is not careful about this stuff then chances are that the child may start to deviate from the real line of life, and things may get different. So, this is through the experience that either you end up making up good stuff with your child or else you end up spoiling his routines and other stuff. So, what so...Continued

What this mom did to her baby in a fast food bathroom is despicable

There are a lot of stories in this world and the reason why these stories are present and are increasing at an exponential rate? because the population is increasing at an exponential rate. This is true for all of us who are present on the earth, it is said that the number of mouths are proportional to the number of the opinions. Yes, when a matter comes into existence , the problem is born or a new issue is created then there are so many of the opinions and the solution but that one guy or girl...Continued