19 Liars Who Need To Quit Their Crap

Some people come across amazing incidents. The incidents are so brilliant that they leave an impression on the listeners. People who undergone through such incidents carry it around with pride for a long long time. They feel proud to share it with other people. This is the very fast way of impressing other people. Impressing other people is the idea that comes in every person's mind. Everyone want's other people to appreciate how amazing and awesome they are. It's in human nature ...Continued

Liars Who Got Called Out On Tumblr

Being on tumblr has its own pros and cons, but things can get totally different once you get used to something to a great extent you then become in the flow, and you don't have any idea that what sort of things are actually getting around you, just because you get used to stuff. Nothing makes much difference to you once you are used to any sort of notion. Things become totally different for you. These pictures are just a proof of this whole concept, where people were so used to the internet...Continued