Funny Pic Dump – 10 Pictures to make you laugh

Change is inevitable. It is the most important part of our lives. The world has changed a lot in last few decades. There are so many new means to satisfy our wants. There are some shortcomings of these advancements as well. Due to the advancement of internet we have many sources of entertainment in our reach. The communication has become extremely easy. And that's not just it, the internet didn't only effect the way we communicate but it has also changed the core way of our living. It...Continued

Facebook Posts That You Just Have To Laugh At

Facebook was created for the purpose that people can connect with each other, there was no other purpose other than being connected to the other people, and Mark Zuckerberg is highly motivated to get into touch with other people that how can he actually improve the whole facebook and the experience which is involved but yet some people are needed to be educated. Because they are stupid enough to get into the wise mode, these facebook posts are clear indication of such attitude, where people did ...Continued

Online Bullies Shamed Him for Crying at His Wedding But He Got Last Laugh

Being manly doesn't mean that you may never weep, instead it has many other meanings too, like helping the needy, giving respect to the girl you love, not making fun of others in need, being polite, being the best of the dad. Not weeping and not accepting your problems doesn't make you man. <p>This man wept over his wedding night and the whole online media made fun of his actions.</p>...Continued