The Most Perfect Wrong Number Texts

Every person has received a message from wrong number once in a while. The beauty of the wrong text message is that the sender of the text cannot judge whether the one who is replying is the person they actually contacted or not but on the call when you pick up and they hear a voice they are not familiar with they instantly know that you are not the person they were trying to contact. It mostly happens because most of the time the person who gave you their number gave you a fake one or they made...Continued

LOL! Getting Friend Zoned While Texting

Texting was made just to keep people in touch with each other without making them to talk to each other, like you don't need to speak while texting and even the messages are conveyed. So, what so every is the case, the message is being conveyed, but later on texting became the reason of the silent messages conveying system, and children started to abuse the texting facility. And this too became too silent in nature that even the parents were not aware that what is actually happening with th...Continued

Biggest Relationship Screenshot Fails Of All Time

<p>A lot of new phones have no feature like taking screenshot of screen but this feature is only useful for people who understand like how to do the Screenshot. if a person is not aware on how to take a proper set screen shot then it means that is totally going to ruin the whole scene. The same happened with these people they when they tried to capture screen of their mobile they actually made some sort of absolute blinder which resulted into some really funny so screwed shots. and why ...Continued

People Shut Down Trying to Text bad to the Other Person

There are many occasions where you start getting some really annoying texts from other people. On such occasions you can't think of anything else, other than ignoring the person or replying in the most sarcastic way possible. The same thing happened to every one of these people who are involved in these conversations. There are certain times stuff which happens for a reason, like watch the first image, where a girl is asked to send a hot picture of herself in the chat, and she sends an alle...Continued

18 Hilarious Texts Sent By Dads

Dads are the coolest stuff on the earth, and if you think opposite then probably you were not a great friend to your dad, and if any other case then my sympathies with you and a hope that you will be the better dad of all. So, Dads often do play pranks with their kids, and this results into some really funny stuff and a really good source of the enjoyment. No? Then again either you weren't friends with your dad or you just didn't know how to play cool with your dad. <p>Just ha...Continued

Double Standards

The male worker on not getting the benefits which he thought he might be getting from the female worker, turned out to be very nasty and very bad actor in the whole situation. He just leaked out the bad pictures of the female worker in the office, which she might have sent him before. <p>So, this whole situation became worse and made people think that she is the bad type of the girl. but the girl eventually took the proof of the picture which the male co-worker sent to the whole office ...Continued


According to the child care research center it is necessary to be friend with your child. Some parents think that they contribute to the problems when they try to be friend with their kids as it becomes hard for them to enforce their kids to follow the rules and other disciplines. But some other professional thinks that there must be friendly relationship between father and kids to prevent them from stressing out by negative affirmation. We all know that mom and dad play important role in buildi...Continued

25 Most Hilarious Texts Between Parents And Children Ever!

Parents and kids relationship are complete in all senses. Parents love their kids and sometimes it becomes friendly. In the childhood parent and kids relationship is caring and parents wants to teach their kids for all things of the life. They start teaching them about the life and maintain the caring relationship between their kids but with the age when kids grow then this relationship gets change. This relationship become friendly in which you can maintain some jokes in the limits. Here is lis...Continued

This Guy Sent something bad to Unknown Girl, See What happened to him (Hilarious)

Ever been in a situation where someone is trying to get rude with you over texts? Or a situation where someone tried to talk to you in the most bad way? or a situation where someone sends you some odd picture and you want to turn him/her down in the best possible way? Or someone who is just annoying you a lot on messages but when you try to call him/her , then he/she is not picking up the call because he/she is afraid that you might take some legal action. <p>What so ever may be the sit...Continued

Tens of Failures – Epic Text Message Fails

Failures are just a part of life, sometimes failures just teach something quite valuable which success is not able to teach human beings. Failures if taken in the positive way actually give you hundred new reasons to rise again and to do something, the bravery is not to quit the thing which you were doing, but the bravery is to keep on doing the stuff even after failing several times, because its just a belief of yourself on your capabilities. <p>However, there are sometimes stupid fail...Continued

Unexpected Funniest Texts From Daughters

iPhone is a good invention when it comes to being in contact with your friends and family. iMessage is typically a good service because it helps you send real time pictures, it helps you remain in contact with those whom you love and it helps you send voice message over a long distance with quite clarity and quality. However, as the technology grows up their are chances for the failure of the more advanced technology also and same happens in the case of the iPhone and any other thing which helps...Continued