The Most Perfect Wrong Number Texts

Every person has received a message from wrong number once in a while. The beauty of the wrong text message is that the sender of the text cannot judge whether the one who is replying is the person they actually contacted or not but on the call when you pick up and they hear a voice they are not familiar with they instantly know that you are not the person they were trying to contact. It mostly happens because most of the time the person who gave you their number gave you a fake one or they made...Continued

People Shut Down Trying to Text bad to the Other Person

There are many occasions where you start getting some really annoying texts from other people. On such occasions you can't think of anything else, other than ignoring the person or replying in the most sarcastic way possible. The same thing happened to every one of these people who are involved in these conversations. There are certain times stuff which happens for a reason, like watch the first image, where a girl is asked to send a hot picture of herself in the chat, and she sends an alle...Continued

10 Hilarious Instagram Fails

Failures are a part of life, and bad stuff is also a part of life, so the worst case is when you don't take any risk, this is the actual risk. When ever you get failures in life then this means that you are actually trying to achieve something in life, because a stagnant life offers no fails and no gains. Progress it self is contained with a lot of failures but the problem with us is that the world only watches the end part. The success part and never takes a look over the overall failures ...Continued

17 People Who Straight Up Lied On Facebook

Facebook is a platform used by the public to get connected to each other, Now there is a difference in opinion here, certain times Facebook plays another role known as the role of the detective, the crime buster and other roles as well. How can Facebook play such roles? Yes, Facebook can play such roles, just take a deep look around you, things are not same as they may seem. People now a days are getting exposed because of the Facebook, they are exposing their realities over the Facebook. This i...Continued

19 Reasons Why Facebook Couples Are Worst

Argue with your Wife is not a wisdom; you will lose if you will start fighting your wife because wife is wife. Every couple fights and this is beauty of this relationship where they love, fight and persuade each other. There are some common reasons behind these arguments and fight that usually couples do. When we as partner need a attention of our partner and we can’t handle is any more then start arguing and try to create problems to bring attention of your partner to ourselves. The second mo...Continued

15 Hilarious Moments Where Texting Just Failed…Hard

By seeing this hilarious text would you think that these failures can teach them a lesson? Well these girlfriends are checking their personal messages to send the nude picture of theirs to their boyfriend not to their mothers. Yea I know that this has become common for boys and girls to just to show they their personal pictures they chat with each other and to just enjoy the lusty and nude talked they feel so pleasures. But after doing this all they don’t get any result actually, and soon when...Continued

Thirsty Dudes Fail at Texting

Sometimes humor does not make sense for you and feel so weird and awkward with poor jokes of others. This is quite happened while texting to your friends or girlfriend. When you are texting to a unknown person and you don’t know what to talk with him and you start making poor jokes and that is freaking embarrassing for others. Boys usually start taking about the sex, love and porn topic in the texting that can ruin the relationship in the start. In the list provided about you will fine poor pa...Continued

9 People Who Probably Shouldn’t Have Credit Cards

There are people who act really dumb, when they do something they are like as if they don't know anything about that stuff, this is true with people but not with everyone, there are people who are actually unable to do the stuff of the logic and as a result they comit such mistakes which are not been able to identify. <p>Just read through all of these images and don't forge to share them with friends.</p> <P>We just want you to give an advice, that when you own...Continued

Awkward Facebook Fails – Very Awkward

There are a lot of things where error is inevitable, but there are certain things where error can be avoided, so this list just present you with some of the things where the error could have been avoided but in reality these people who were involved in such situation were not able to skip, so they are now here, being shown as a joke, but don't worry, there personal information has been skipped so that this may not be presented to the public. Have a look at these hilarious Facebook fails, yo...Continued

Awkward Dad Facebook Fails

Facebook is the social network where people come and meet new people. but it has evolved into many other ways since its launch back in the 2008, Zuckberg actually worked hard to get this far, the Facebook is now a tech giant which is helping people to connect with each other in a new way, they can upload photos, can upload the status, can chat with the other friend, they can now see their loved ones doing new things, which live in the far of places. <p>This is reality that Facebook has ...Continued

This Guy Sent something bad to Unknown Girl, See What happened to him (Hilarious)

Ever been in a situation where someone is trying to get rude with you over texts? Or a situation where someone tried to talk to you in the most bad way? or a situation where someone sends you some odd picture and you want to turn him/her down in the best possible way? Or someone who is just annoying you a lot on messages but when you try to call him/her , then he/she is not picking up the call because he/she is afraid that you might take some legal action. <p>What so ever may be the sit...Continued

Tens of Failures – Epic Text Message Fails

Failures are just a part of life, sometimes failures just teach something quite valuable which success is not able to teach human beings. Failures if taken in the positive way actually give you hundred new reasons to rise again and to do something, the bravery is not to quit the thing which you were doing, but the bravery is to keep on doing the stuff even after failing several times, because its just a belief of yourself on your capabilities. <p>However, there are sometimes stupid fail...Continued