Daily Funny Pic Dump

Boredom is feeling that there are too few high quality ways to spend attention. Busyness is forced boredom. This means that you feel there are high quality ways to spend attention, but your attention is being stolen from you before you can use it. At a point in our day all of us feel bored. Nothing seems to help us in our boredom. No one likes a long dull afternoon with nothing to do. Feeling bored? Learn how to overcome your boredom. But worry no more we have compiled these extremely hilarious ...Continued

The Daily Dip: Funny Pic Dump

Fun is an essential part of our lives. A sound life cannot be fathomed without its existence. Sadness creates depression, which is the result of unacquired fun that should have been gained through life's briefest moments of happiness and joy. Fun is often thought of as superfluous, extra, something to get to when you have time and a tool not to be used in serious situations. In fact, we have sayings to reinforce this notion: “this is no laughing matter” or “serious times call for seri...Continued