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This Shoe Store Has Been Closed For 40 Years. When They Opened The Boxes, This Is What They Found


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Time is a beautiful thing and the greatest beauty that it posses is the beauty of changing. The most ironic thing ever is that it's both happy and sad to know that this time will pass away. For example if you are suffering from a problem and you can't take it anymore there is a sudden relief in knowing that this time will pass away, on the other hand if you are having a moment of happiness and joy, it's really painful to know this fact that the moment you are having wont last forever. The point of stating all of these values regarding time is a story that popped up on the internet a while ago and attracted a lot of attention. Time changes people forget thing that were being practiced in the past. A family recently found out about a story regarding a shoe shop that was owned by their grand parents. The shop was use to be opened for customers till late sixties. They came to know about the shop recently when they found old papers kept in their grandma's place. The reason they didn't know about the shop in the first place is not quite clear. But when they found out about it they were shocked that they didn't know about it at all, they didn't even had a single clue about it. The shop was kept close for more than fifty years. When they opened the shop everything was kept in place like the shop was opened yesterday. The shoes were perfectly packed. And all of the shoes were in the position to be worn as the new ones. Other than the fact that shop was covered in the dirt everything was as it was fifty years ago.

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