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She Rubs Her Money With Alcohol And Makes A Distrubing Discovery

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As the book says we are both blessed and cursed at the same time. Everybody has a dark side. It in human nature to have the urge to attain benefits and make their wants become reality. Some take shortcuts to attain their goals and ignore the consequences and harm that is being done in result of their actions. Since the man put the first step on this planet, it has been fighting the constant urge to achieve its goals by means of evil. The law was introduce in order to bound people from doing illegal activities because its in human nature that they need something to keep an eye on them. Most of the people avoid committing illegal act in fear of the consequences. They keep their slate clean to prove to the world they are honorable human being. But there are some people who despite of the strict rules find the means to deceive people and earn profits. As the technology got more advanced, criminals got their hands on more advanced techniques of scamming people. Identity thefts and crimes of various nature are rising everyday and are on the highest rate before ever. New techniques are being developed everyday to earn from the criminal means and the law system seems flawed and seems not to keep the chase with these kind of crimes that are being committed by criminal master minds. The point of saying all of this is a recent incident that has been going viral all over the internet. There was a female who used alcohol to rub a stain out of a fifty dollar bill but what happened was insane and unbelievable. As it can be seen in the Gif images attached below, when she started rubbing the stain out, the bill started to lose its original form. And as it turn out the bill was in reality a ten dollar bill. She lost forty dollars just like that.

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