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Proof That Growing Up Is Definitely A Trap


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Remember the times when we were little kids ? We always thought that it was the hardest part of our lives. The biggest challenge was to get up early in the morning getting ready for the school. We wanted to watch cartoons but forced by our parents to go to sleep early. Remember how much we hatted that ? We hatted being dictated and couldn't wait till we grow up and stop listening to all the orders that people were giving us. Our lives were being controlled and we always thought that it was the biggest misery that was being faced by us at that time. Watching the movies we always thought what a cool thing it would be to be an adult and having an independent life. Looking at the elder people we always thought what a thing to be bounding by nothing but our desires. We thought that we could do whatever we wanted. That was one of the innocent thoughts that we had as a child. It was our biggest dream to be adults. But that was the biggest lie we told ourselves. Growing up. We always think that what a huge trap it was to think that life would be easier. The problems that we face being a grown up are so huge that the problems we had in our childhood were nothing compared to them. If you ask every single adult who we thing that has all of it managed and figured out will say otherwise. They will say that if they had ac chance to become kids again they will do it in the blink of an eye. Being a grown up is a trap and when we finally grow up we miss the life that we had as a child here are few examples.

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