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The Most Perfect Wrong Number Texts


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Every person has received a message from wrong number once in a while. The beauty of the wrong text message is that the sender of the text cannot judge whether the one who is replying is the person they actually contacted or not but on the call when you pick up and they hear a voice they are not familiar with they instantly know that you are not the person they were trying to contact. It mostly happens because most of the time the person who gave you their number gave you a fake one or they made a genuine mistake. People most of the times give fake numbers to avoid the situation that they are in from getting awkward. For example if a weird guy comes up to the girl and tries to impress her and get her number and the girl is not into it but at the same time don't want to hurt the guys feeling, she will him the number that is not hers to avoid the situation getting awkward. And these kind of situations can lead to some really crazy and hilarious interactions. For example you have number and you send a text to a wrong number and sometimes it's really awkward. Most of the time we reply with the straight forward message to tell them that they have the wrong number. It's a sensible gesture, because it's not honorable to demolish someones privacy or play with their emotions. But some crazy folks are out there who find receiving a text from a wrong number a bliss from heavens. They usually troll these people and some of them are mighty good at it. These kind of images started floating all over the internet and caught a lot of attention. They are extremely hilarious. These responses are perfect.

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