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Mom was following a school bus and saw an officer doing something that she couldn’t stop herself from sharing online


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The law is the only thing that is a big hurdle in the way of criminals to achieve their agendas. When man felt a need of keeping a check on people they introduced law. The first know Jurisprudence to man that was created by man goes way back to the roman era. They are the ones who started this practice of law along with other things like politics. The law it self isn't complete if it is just left in the codified form, to fulfill this need a law enforcing department was necessary. It was created to insure that criminals are caught and presented in front of the judges to start their fair trial. It wont be wrong to say that it's a basic need of a human being to provide a sound life for the citizens residing in that place. Police is that department that makes sure that the law is being practiced by the society properly. It is indeed a fact that power corrupts some people. There are examples throughout the globe of policemen using there powers wrongfully. And because of this people developed a negative attitude towards them. Specially in United States of America after the recent incident in which a policeman shot an unarmed black person. But all the people are not alike, when there is evil there is also good to keep the balance of the nature. A mom was following a school bus and what she saw amazed her. A little boy missed his school bus but the policeman took him straight to his ride. When he was about to drop him the mother caught a brilliant moment. The policeman was binding the laces of the young boy. This shows there is good in the society as well. The policeman was announced as the best officer of the year before this incident. Which is indeed no surprise.

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