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It Looks Like A Beautiful Spot To Take The Family… Till You Discover What’s In It. OMG.


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This earth and the life on it is a result of a bang explained by the theory named "The Big Bang Theory". It literally billions of years for the nature to create the conditions for life to survive on it. The life on the planet is result of magical substance that we use every day and cannot imagine life without it. It's called water. Yes water, as simple as it sound it is the most important thing for all the living beings to survive on this planet. When the man started to get advance a new kind of problem started to come in existence. This problem is quite pressing as it is directly associated with the future generations survival on the planet. Back when there were no cars, no technology and above all no industries, every thing seemed fine. Life was going on perfectly as mother nature was being kept in check. But when the man started to discover new potentials for advancements. It imposed a major hazard. All the products that we use today are being manufactured in industries. These industries have a shortcoming of creating pollution in the environment. The trees are being cut down and nature is being demolished by foolish acts like dumping chemicals in the water. No one is to blame but all the human race which is not worrying about the problem they are creating every day. For an example there is a lake called Blue Lagoon. Once you look at it. It looks extremely beautiful and indeed it is. It attract people from all around the place. But its not just water. Its filled with chemicals and rubbish. Its PH levels are sky high. But people still go in for swimming, even with kids. They ignore all the warning boards placed over there. Some mothers even take their infant children in their for swimming. A petition was signed to the govt. to stop from people going in. But they can't do anything because it's a ownership is private.

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