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Girl found frozen for 500 years looks well preserved and alive.


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Literally speaking, centuries have been passed since the man started to walk on this earth. In the initial era called the stone age, man began to understand the things surrounding him. It was getting more closer to being what we are today one step at a time. In this long journey of immense knowledge and wisdom, people went through so many peculiar and taboo cutlers, that are impossible to fathom in modern age. Its in the nature of human being to believe in the Mighty Being controlling them. So they started practicing religious practices in order to get closer to God. Some of them were understandable and thought to be a noble gesture. It was best for human survival to live by a code. But in so many traditions there were a lot of things that were taboo. If we think of them today we might say a sane person would never commit such thing. But the fact is that these kind of inhuman practices used to be carried out by our ancestors. History is full of such incidents. For instance a mummy of a teenage girl was found in frozen condition with two of her children. She is said to be the most preserved mummy of all time. Looking at her mummy scientifically it looks like she died few weeks ago. She died because of a ritual that was practiced in ancient times by pagans. It was a way to please the Gods and get closer to them. The female that was killed in the ritual has all of her organs intact and scientist have undergone a deep research of her body. The two children with her were also well-preserved. Observing there bodies, it was found that they were fed on good food which indicated that they belonged to the elite class. In the ritual the most beautiful children of the tribe were selected to please the Gods. It is an example of dark ages that man has undergone through to reach this point.

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