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Funniest Pictures of All The Time


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There are times in our life when we feel bored and the best way to get away from boredom is to have fun through laughter. Fun is an important part of our lives. A sound life cannot be imagined without the presence of fun. Sadness creates depression and anxiety, which is the result of the absence of the experience called having fun. Fun is acquired through life's little moments of happiness and joy. Fun is often thought of as superfluous, extra, something to get to when you have time and a too. Everyone should have fun. Being busy and depreciating yourself from fun doesn't seem too much but in reality it is the root cause of a lot of trouble and problems. It can also lead to certain psychological diseases. The most preeminent problem that occurs with the absence of fun is depression and it is the problem that everyone seems to be facing these days. This is most critical because you need to take action, fast, and laughter will help you get a better perspective of what’s happening to you. So in order to make your day we decided to create a list of fun comics, that have been viral through out the internet this week to make you day. If you are bored or sad after reading these your day will turn into mere joy. So think of it as a way of fueling your brain and relieving yourself from all the troubles you are face. We hope they give you a fine laugh.

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