11 Ways You’re Getting Close to Women And Making Relationship Worth it, Without Noticing It

Yes gentlemen, you think that men get turned on real easily. Well it's true to some extent but females are very responsive to an arousal and it can be a minor thing. If you are a guy and reading this you will be glad to know if you want to turn your date into a stay over and go to the next step. Perhaps you can use these gestures to your advantage. Whatsoever it is quite brilliantly explained that how women get an arousal by certain things. Be assured that these methods are stated after doi...Continued

A Femal Slipped This Note in With the Rent, and it Saved Her Life

News happening these days are terrifying and heartbreaking. It's mostly because of the inhumane things that are being done everywhere. Because of these kind of horrific accidents we are deemed to see people or even our relatives at as a threat. A news that has been circulating around these day a lot is of a girl, who was kept illegally confined against her will by her boyfriend Allen. It an involuntary act falling in love with someone. Most of the time we don't even know that the perso...Continued

Nine Common Reasons Why Boys Friendzone Girls

You are reading this online, which means that you are familiar with what kind of things are being discussed through out the globe. Trends come and go. People have certain problems in certain time period but with the passage of time they get ruled out for several reasons. I have also encountered so many people on sites like 9gag and Unilad who are crying out loud because they are friend-zoned. There is common perception about friend-zone and that is that only girls friend-zone boys but if you com...Continued

The Daily Dip: Funny Pic Dump

Fun is an essential part of our lives. A sound life cannot be fathomed without its existence. Sadness creates depression, which is the result of unacquired fun that should have been gained through life's briefest moments of happiness and joy. Fun is often thought of as superfluous, extra, something to get to when you have time and a tool not to be used in serious situations. In fact, we have sayings to reinforce this notion: “this is no laughing matter” or “serious times call for seri...Continued

Pictures Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

It's a human nature to feel blue without a specific reason. It almost happens everyday. Everything seems to be okay, we have no idea what's make us sad. The unexplained anxiety, is breathtaking. We keep on asking ourselves. What is the reason for this unexplained down feeling. Well I want to let you know that you are not alone. It's a part of the human nature. Every other person you will meet is facing the same problem every single day. There was a research carried out in a Univer...Continued

Some Times When You Just Couldn’t Be Mad

There is a fine line between being mad and being impressed. There are time when you see something you are suppose to be mad at but it's so incredible and amazing that instead of getting mad you appreciate it's brilliance. Like the one that one time in Will Farrell's movie Anchorman "I'm not even mad, this is amazing". We bring you some of those fine times that were thought to be agonizing but instead they seemed cute or entertaining. They happen to be caught on cam ...Continued

Meet Shane: The Single Greatest Walmart Employee Of All Time. I Died Laughing At #11

Whenever the thought of Walmart cross our mind, the only thing we can think of is the boring staff and the things we need to buy. It won't be wrong to say that if we go to shop we don't expect any humor or fun at all. But not all the employees are boring. If you go there for shopping and get lucky you might end up getting with Shane's magnificent humor. He is a funny fellow but with a boring job. Still he manages to do fun out of that. He keeps the people and the staff around him...Continued

Did Michael Bublé go TOO FAR with This Instagram Photo?

In dark ages women weren't given equal rights. They were thought to be inferior to man. With arrival of modern times, new modern ideologies started to appear and some of them got quite popular. Feminism was one of them. It's core purpose was to establish the equal rights for women that were political, economic, cultural and social in nature. In short it meant to give the same opportunities in all of the affairs as men were given. As the time passed some stereotypes that introduced them...Continued

LOL! Getting Friend Zoned While Texting

Texting was made just to keep people in touch with each other without making them to talk to each other, like you don't need to speak while texting and even the messages are conveyed. So, what so every is the case, the message is being conveyed, but later on texting became the reason of the silent messages conveying system, and children started to abuse the texting facility. And this too became too silent in nature that even the parents were not aware that what is actually happening with th...Continued

Biggest Relationship Screenshot Fails Of All Time

<p>A lot of new phones have no feature like taking screenshot of screen but this feature is only useful for people who understand like how to do the Screenshot. if a person is not aware on how to take a proper set screen shot then it means that is totally going to ruin the whole scene. The same happened with these people they when they tried to capture screen of their mobile they actually made some sort of absolute blinder which resulted into some really funny so screwed shots. and why ...Continued

17 Instances Of No Thanks, I’ll Pass

There are many instances where things become pretty much bad, but how much bad can be done? That is actually the decision of the destiny. Destiny decides that what sort of the pit is decided for you. There can be many situation in life where things get really really pretty much different and the person who is real is the one who actually takes things iwth perseverance and never ever gives up on the whole situation. So, you must think that what things are meant to be, like what sort of water is f...Continued

Cheaters Who Got Called Out On Tinder

Cheating with someone isn't really great at all, as this can be really destructive for the other person. Why? because once you try to cheat the other person then karma has to do a lot with you, Karma really blows up really hard on your stuff. You should never think that once you have done bad to someone then you are not going to be given back a really hard blow. Why? Because, once you do something bad then never think that you are now just free from bad stuff, you are actually in that circl...Continued