Funniest Pictures of All The Time

There are times in our life when we feel bored and the best way to get away from boredom is to have fun through laughter. Fun is an important part of our lives. A sound life cannot be imagined without the presence of fun. Sadness creates depression and anxiety, which is the result of the absence of the experience called having fun. Fun is acquired through life's little moments of happiness and joy. Fun is often thought of as superfluous, extra, something to get to when you have time and a ...Continued

Funny Pic Dump – 10 Pictures to make you laugh

Change is inevitable. It is the most important part of our lives. The world has changed a lot in last few decades. There are so many new means to satisfy our wants. There are some shortcomings of these advancements as well. Due to the advancement of internet we have many sources of entertainment in our reach. The communication has become extremely easy. And that's not just it, the internet didn't only effect the way we communicate but it has also changed the core way of our living. It...Continued

Daily Funny Pic Dump

Boredom is feeling that there are too few high quality ways to spend attention. Busyness is forced boredom. This means that you feel there are high quality ways to spend attention, but your attention is being stolen from you before you can use it. At a point in our day all of us feel bored. Nothing seems to help us in our boredom. No one likes a long dull afternoon with nothing to do. Feeling bored? Learn how to overcome your boredom. But worry no more we have compiled these extremely hilarious ...Continued

The Dumbest Questions & Answers Ever Posted On Yahoo

Asking questions is the preeminent thing that makes you wiser and more intelligent than you already are. There is a famous quote and it's like this "The person who asks a question is a fool for a moment but the person who doesn't ask the question is a fool for life." A person should have the curiosity in him/her to ask more questions in order to have a better understanding because it is the best way of understanding and gaining knowledge. But there is another quotation that t...Continued

12 Expert-Level Pickup Artists – Must Try in Real World

The world that we live in right now is completely different than it was few decades ago. The needs to survive and be alpha in this world are different. With the passage of time human beings developed new trick to tackle the problem. They do it in such a way that were never thought to be possible. For instance you are a guy like a girl or vice versa, going up to them and convincing them to exchange a number with you seemed like a task that was merely impossible. But then people developed a new ar...Continued

The Most Perfect Wrong Number Texts

Every person has received a message from wrong number once in a while. The beauty of the wrong text message is that the sender of the text cannot judge whether the one who is replying is the person they actually contacted or not but on the call when you pick up and they hear a voice they are not familiar with they instantly know that you are not the person they were trying to contact. It mostly happens because most of the time the person who gave you their number gave you a fake one or they made...Continued

11 Hilarious Pictures That Show Exactly How It Feels to Text Your Crush

Liking someone is an important part of human behavior. It's an involuntary feeling. One can't force oneself to like someone it just happens. In old days expressing your feelings of affection weren't quite hard as they are in modern days. Because all you had to do is show that you adore them with your words or your actions. There we no complications whatsoever. Those were the real days of genuine feelings. But now the era that we live in the world has truly become a global village....Continued

19 Liars Who Need To Quit Their Crap

Some people come across amazing incidents. The incidents are so brilliant that they leave an impression on the listeners. People who undergone through such incidents carry it around with pride for a long long time. They feel proud to share it with other people. This is the very fast way of impressing other people. Impressing other people is the idea that comes in every person's mind. Everyone want's other people to appreciate how amazing and awesome they are. It's in human nature ...Continued

Proof That Growing Up Is Definitely A Trap

Remember the times when we were little kids ? We always thought that it was the hardest part of our lives. The biggest challenge was to get up early in the morning getting ready for the school. We wanted to watch cartoons but forced by our parents to go to sleep early. Remember how much we hatted that ? We hatted being dictated and couldn't wait till we grow up and stop listening to all the orders that people were giving us. Our lives were being controlled and we always thought that it was ...Continued

10 Autocorrects that Ruined People Life

Life was very easy when there were no phones around. There were no instant ways to communicate. The biggest advantage of that drawback was that we had a chance to give a deep thought to what we were about to say or wanted to say. The past decade the phones were not so advanced. There were physical keyboards. We had to type every single word out. That seemed to be a problem that we thought must be solved but as the phones started to become more advance and indeed became smartphones, there was a t...Continued

Hand Size Says A lot about your personality

Believe it or not there is a lot of science that lies behind the things that are not believed to be scientifically true. For example there is no science behind the fact of fortune telling but according to my personal opinion and the opinion of people who actually had the chance of meeting a psychic and asking about their future believed it. The things that were told to them were actually happened. There are a lot of sites that will prove that these kind of things exist in our world and are deeme...Continued

24 Times Disney Movies Got Dirty

Disney is known for his creativity. Their movies can make us laugh, cry, serious and every other emotion there is regardless of the age group that we belong to. As most of the people think Disney only focuses on the group of small children, it's not true at all. No matter how childish the movie looks, the creativity of is one of the kind. If we take the opinion of the old people who are in their seventies about the cartoons and the movies that Disney create, we will be in shock how much the...Continued