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Boyfriend Convinces Cheating Girlfriends Lover to Get Him Chinese Food

The whole story is quite spicy, it will end up making you laugh to a lot bigger level. There are girls which leave their boyfriends at the early stage of the love, and later the boyfriends get mad, or they change their attitude towards the girls. But this guy played real smart and instead of changing his attitude towards the girls he better thought to play a revenge.

So, he got his girlfriends mobile, which was cheating on him and had saved the number of his new boyfriend with title *f*ckboi#3* and this was the root of creating the misconception. Now, the thing his, who were f*ck boi 1 ? and 2? aahaan… LOL!


What happened next? Just read the next slide.

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If she is cheating on you then don't take tension, instead try to play cool, and don't forget to take back the coolest revenge possible but not in sense of the mental or physical damage, try to remain as cool as you want to care for yourself, because when things burn then they transfer heat to their side objects also.

Learn from this boy, that how he tackled the cheating girlfriend

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