15 Funny Tip Jars That’ll Make You Want To Give More Than Just The Tip

Be good? Play fair? Work hard? Use your head? Don't kick the other man while he's down? Help one another? Share? Love? Be honest? Are you getting these advices daily in your lives? You must fed-up with this and now start behaving weird. Yes at the stage when you feel that now you no need advices and you know better about your life then you start hatting to these advices. But in every stage of life everyone needs good advice or tip. If you are giving advice to someone then you should ha...Continued

15 Optical Illusions That Will Make You Question Reality

We all know about the optical illusion that is actually a trick played with your brain. You will be seeing many pictures that demonstrate visual phenomena and also visual illusions. This is due to the complexities in human eyes that challenge to sight to understand the real things. Optical illusion is considered by visually seeming images that change from reality objective. It says that eye processed the image into the brain for giving perception that does not count with a physical dimension of...Continued

15 Hilarious Texts From Couples Who Are Definitely Not Staying Together

We have all dated somebody we weren't definite about. You meet a person, he's amazing, and you find your chemistry perfect with him/her and you go crazy!. But there is something that is keeping you down. Perhaps there is something doubts, something missing that you start to notice after having the relationship. Maybe, these things are not much greater but can be turn into huge when you both start finding flaws in your relationship and you start feeling that was your immediate or emotio...Continued

15 The Daily Dip: Funny Pic

We all have mind-sets which can influence the way our physical body feels and also how we manage other persons and situations in our lives. Our temperaments can impact on others. You wouldn't purposely harm somebody with your germs of being rude or moody what it actually happens when somebody get affected by your harsh wording and behavior. Few of us were taught how to control or deal with our bad and depressed feelings but some others have no capacity to keep the level controlled by facin...Continued

Top Ten Best Movies OF 2010

Hollywood has released so many interesting and super hit movies in 2010. At the end of this year many film makers and film studios are enjoying the wealth of their best creative work and now they are planning for next year releases. Before going to watch next year’s movie releases, let’s have a look at […]

Moms Get Put Through a Lie Detector By Their Kids and Things Get Weird

Do Lie Detector Works? Lie detector is actually polygraph machine that is used in criminal investigation. This device actually judges the person nervous state of mind. This machine actually beeps when person lie and stay calm when person say truth. Lie detector is actually a modern variant of the old techniques that has become cultural icon. Well there are so many controversies about the lie detector tool about the catching the lie. Some expert believes that if the lie detector give high beeps...Continued

10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose For Kids

Online education and learning trend is increasing from past few years. According to latest education method the numbers of kids and college students are joining online classes for learning their lesson in a better way. There are 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose for your kids that can help them for learning new skills and […]

The Creepiest Things You Can Do on Facebook

Have you account on Facebook? Millions of people are using Facebook for social interaction as it has become the largest social media network. There are some creepy things on Facebook that every user is facing and getting annoyed. If you have thousands of friends in your profile and when you log on to your account you see many of your friend active on Facebook. So, get ready for many pop up message windows that will open suddenly as your friend see you online to say you hello. If you have set you...Continued

WOW: This Mom’s Friends Sent Her An Angry Letter About All Her Baby Pics!

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan-- Why every mom loves her child even at the birth when all children are crying her lungs out. Isn’t this is unconditional love? Mother is only person on this earth who makes us feel this planet as heaven. I must say if we put all love into the one scale and love of a mother in one scale then whole world will kick the beam. Mother’s prayer is a o...Continued

15 Hilarious Husbands Who Know How To Troll Their Wives

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” – Mark Twain … Stay at home love, housewives stay at home and manage their all things of their homes. They have to handles things from baby’s diapers to billing, shopping, care, love and attention. Housewives have the same depressed life as you have in your office. You love needs a good laugh sometimes and that you can do by giving some time to her. I must say that everyone have different taste about the humor you need to stand at a r...Continued

Father posts Facebook Message Explaining Why he just Murdered his Daughter, Wife and Sister

Today we are going to share an heart breaking news that will make you sad, it about the man who attempt murder of his daughter , mother and sister and posted a message on Facebook to tell the reason why did this so. A father who confessed on Facebook that he killed her 19 years old daughter, wife and his sister and said that “I have done some of the worst things I could have ever imagined a person doing. . . now my family is pain free and in heaven” recently on Facebook that become buzz on ...Continued