Girl found frozen for 500 years looks well preserved and alive.

Literally speaking, centuries have been passed since the man started to walk on this earth. In the initial era called the stone age, man began to understand the things surrounding him. It was getting more closer to being what we are today one step at a time. In this long journey of immense knowledge and wisdom, people went through so many peculiar and taboo cutlers, that are impossible to fathom in modern age. Its in the nature of human being to believe in the Mighty Being controlling them. So t...Continued

This Shoe Store Has Been Closed For 40 Years. When They Opened The Boxes, This Is What They Found

Time is a beautiful thing and the greatest beauty that it posses is the beauty of changing. The most ironic thing ever is that it's both happy and sad to know that this time will pass away. For example if you are suffering from a problem and you can't take it anymore there is a sudden relief in knowing that this time will pass away, on the other hand if you are having a moment of happiness and joy, it's really painful to know this fact that the moment you are having wont last fore...Continued

She though she was pregnant with triplets, When she went into labor the doctors told her this.

In this age when the technology has got really advanced people expect less and less miracles to happen every day in which man achieve new goal in different fields of technology. There was a time when people believed in luck and fate. There whole life and practices were associated with their beliefs. But now a days people are more and more less believers towards the thing that is called miracle. Many stories come up in our mind when we utter the word miracle but something are so incredible when t...Continued

It Looks Like A Beautiful Spot To Take The Family… Till You Discover What’s In It. OMG.

This earth and the life on it is a result of a bang explained by the theory named "The Big Bang Theory". It literally billions of years for the nature to create the conditions for life to survive on it. The life on the planet is result of magical substance that we use every day and cannot imagine life without it. It's called water. Yes water, as simple as it sound it is the most important thing for all the living beings to survive on this planet. When the man started to get advanc...Continued

Proof That Growing Up Is Definitely A Trap

Remember the times when we were little kids ? We always thought that it was the hardest part of our lives. The biggest challenge was to get up early in the morning getting ready for the school. We wanted to watch cartoons but forced by our parents to go to sleep early. Remember how much we hatted that ? We hatted being dictated and couldn't wait till we grow up and stop listening to all the orders that people were giving us. Our lives were being controlled and we always thought that it was ...Continued

10 Autocorrects that Ruined People Life

Life was very easy when there were no phones around. There were no instant ways to communicate. The biggest advantage of that drawback was that we had a chance to give a deep thought to what we were about to say or wanted to say. The past decade the phones were not so advanced. There were physical keyboards. We had to type every single word out. That seemed to be a problem that we thought must be solved but as the phones started to become more advance and indeed became smartphones, there was a t...Continued

She Rubs Her Money With Alcohol And Makes A Distrubing Discovery

As the book says we are both blessed and cursed at the same time. Everybody has a dark side. It in human nature to have the urge to attain benefits and make their wants become reality. Some take shortcuts to attain their goals and ignore the consequences and harm that is being done in result of their actions. Since the man put the first step on this planet, it has been fighting the constant urge to achieve its goals by means of evil. The law was introduce in order to bound people from doing ille...Continued

Hand Size Says A lot about your personality

Believe it or not there is a lot of science that lies behind the things that are not believed to be scientifically true. For example there is no science behind the fact of fortune telling but according to my personal opinion and the opinion of people who actually had the chance of meeting a psychic and asking about their future believed it. The things that were told to them were actually happened. There are a lot of sites that will prove that these kind of things exist in our world and are deeme...Continued

23 Clever Tattoos You Might Not Actually Regret In 50 Years

Tattoos have been the part of style and fasion for a long time. Inking the body never really got out of the trend. Most of the adults considered having tattoos in some part of their lives. Most of them drop the idea, thinking that they will become old fashioned. To be honest they are right about it. You get a cool idea, you go to the tattoo parlor and get that tattoo and after few years BAM it's not so cool anymore. The only solution that is left after that is to get a laser surgery to rem...Continued

24 Times Disney Movies Got Dirty

Disney is known for his creativity. Their movies can make us laugh, cry, serious and every other emotion there is regardless of the age group that we belong to. As most of the people think Disney only focuses on the group of small children, it's not true at all. No matter how childish the movie looks, the creativity of is one of the kind. If we take the opinion of the old people who are in their seventies about the cartoons and the movies that Disney create, we will be in shock how much the...Continued

Third Graders’ Notes To Teacher About Their Lives Leave Her In Tears (04 Photos)

A teacher in Colorado, who joined the school recently. She decided tho to know her student a little better by a very unique method. She is a teacher of the students of 3rd grade. She asked her students to an assignment from home. The title of the assignment was I wish my teacher knew. She thought that they are kids and this will help in nourishment of their minds and she can observe how much her class is creative. What can a person expect from a note from a third grader ? Something like, "I...Continued

Disney Has Been Hiding Mickey In All Its Movies This Whole Time. Can You Spot Them All (15 Photos)

Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character and the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928. An anthropomorphic mouse who typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves, Mickey has become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. It was the first character that was created by Walt Disney and this character is the reason he got so much famous. That was a binning of an Erna...Continued