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Anti-gay Pastor Resigns After Being Caught On Tinder

We are sharing the screenshots of the alleged person, who has hate for the gay community but in reality he himself was indulged in such sort of activities.

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Either you are a man of double standards or you are a man of words, in both the cases everyone has its own perks. Once you be a man of words then it means that you are going to enjoy the trust of the people, and in the other case you are not going to the enjoy the same thing. This is true, fact. So what so ever you be, then you had the reap the effects of the same thing, so you must be choosing your personality very wisely as this is going to reflect things upon you.

People make bad decisions in life. This man was in the anti-gay movement while he himself was involved in such sort of activities.

Sighh....This world is coming to an end for sure. People are not more concerned about their actions....

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