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23 Clever Tattoos You Might Not Actually Regret In 50 Years


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Tattoos have been the part of style and fasion for a long time. Inking the body never really got out of the trend. Most of the adults considered having tattoos in some part of their lives. Most of them drop the idea, thinking that they will become old fashioned. To be honest they are right about it. You get a cool idea, you go to the tattoo parlor and get that tattoo and after few years BAM it's not so cool anymore. The only solution that is left after that is to get a laser surgery to remove those tattoos. So why one should bother at all, Right ? But there are some mad genius creative people, who figured the solution out. They got extremely creative and they are shockingly awesome. By looking at these tattoos you will know that these kind of tattoos will never run out of the trend. They will remain as cool as the day they were created. If you are thinking about doing something creative this will help you a lot. Especially is opening up new ideas for the creativity that can be done by the ink. But before you decide to get a tattoo, you should no the pro and cons. There are a lot side effects regarding tattoos so make sure you are cleared out and have checked all the possibilities for what can go wrong. The main side effects are Infections such as HIV and hepatitis due to re-use of needles, Allergic reactions to temporary and permanent tattoo inks, Scarring, Skin Infections, MRI Complications, Skin discoloration, Hematoma and Burden on lymphatic system. If you clear of all of these side-effect, you can go have tattoos and impress your friends and family. This brings cleverness to a whole new level.

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