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15 Moments That Are Way Too Real If You’re Afraid Of Rejection
, Literally

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Fear is one of the most effective emotion that triggers several actions that are regretted afterwards. Once you get hold of it everything seems so easy. But easy said than being done. Our emotions control us. The way we thing and act are influenced by them. Sometimes they create best of motivations and sometimes it demotivates you, makes you question your abilities. Fear is the most strongest emotion there is which literally dictates us through out our life. It can differ in nature and it's effectiveness depends upon the circumstance that we are undergoing through. The best advice that anyone can give is that don't let it have a negative effect on you. Make it a positive thing and convert it in an emotion that helps you get through the rough patches of your life. Take a moment and think what is the worst fear you ever had ? Most of the people when asked this question will answer with the moment that they thought would prove lethal to them. But there are other fears and the most preeminent one is the fear of being rejected. All the other fears can be dealt with even though they have effects like depression and such but the fear of rejection proves to be heartbreaking. The reason that stops us from make choices in our life which could have proven to be turning point is indeed fear of rejection. But you don't have to feel that way or you wont feel that way after the rejection that you are about to read. If these guy can get on with there lives after being rejected like this. It should a piece of chocolate cake for you.

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