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11 Hilarious Pictures That Show Exactly How It Feels to Text Your Crush


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Liking someone is an important part of human behavior. It's an involuntary feeling. One can't force oneself to like someone it just happens. In old days expressing your feelings of affection weren't quite hard as they are in modern days. Because all you had to do is show that you adore them with your words or your actions. There we no complications whatsoever. Those were the real days of genuine feelings. But now the era that we live in the world has truly become a global village. By the term "Global Village" we refer to the fact that the communications between people has become extremely easy. What's so special about the village life ? The main thing that is really special about living in a village is that you know everyone living near your place. You have a better communication and understanding among each other. Internet has made this term vast and people living in different part of the world have same kind of feeling developed toward each other. The new age of modern communication is indeed a bliss. You instantly communicate and share everything. You don't even have to wait for a second to get a response. But with these developments there comes a huge drawback. It is really hard to explain but people who have texted their crushes once in a while will most certainly agree to the fact. Expressing your feelings through messages isn't easy at all because you don't know what the person sitting in front of the other screen will understand from what you have said. Here are some example that illustrate exactly how one feels while texting their crush. You can related and this will prove to be quite hilarious to you.

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