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10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose For Kids

Online education and learning trend is increasing from past few years. According to latest education method the numbers of kids and college students are joining online classes for learning their lesson in a better way. There are 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose for your kids that can help them for learning new skills and lessons. Some websites are giving paid learning services and some are free to get good learning material for making good assignments and homework.

Today we are sharing 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose for kids that are providing online learning tutorials, online games, lesson plans, homework plans, assignments and projects that can help your kid for getting good understanding with their school courses.



You watched PBS as kid and you kids are also love to watch it. Now you kids can watch online learning section by accessing channel’s online website. You kid can learn amazing learning skills like how to sing a long songs, counting and sorting, Science practices, Artwork and interesting games.

#2 Sesame Street:

Sesame Street

Kids are in love with the online websites Sesame Street that is from the 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose. By using this website kids can watch video clips, online games for learning mathematics, science topics and geography questions. You kids can learn alphabetic, animal sound, Art, other skills. By using this website you can buy DVD, recipes for kids and full episodes of Sesame Street show.

#3 National Geographic Kids:

National Geographic Kids

Have your Child ever asked you a question about What are baby elephant called? It means that your kid is not watching National geographic channel. The kids who watch national geographic channel can answer you immediately because they are learning information about animals and nature by watching amazing shows. You kids can access this online website to participate into the quiz and other contest to test their knowledge.

#4 The KIDZ Page:

The KIDZ Page

The KIDZ page is famous online website from the list of 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose. On this website there are more than 50,000 pages for learning different subject’s lesson and games. You kids can get online games, puzzles, coloring pages, counting and sorting work pages under its categories. You kids can solve complex mathematic questions by playing simple games easily here.

#5 How To Stuff Work:

How To Stuff Work

If your kid is asking your tough question like why water is tasteless, How solar system is formed and many other questions again and again then you should need to use the amazing website How to Stuff Work that is from 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose. This website is publishing articles on their daily bases about Art, Travel, entertainment, Science and other topic to cover up different topics.


#6 Fun Brain:

Fun Brain

Have you ever checked 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose then you will be knowing about the website name as Fun Brain. I must say if you will visit this website then you will bookmark this website for providing the best learning material to you kid. Get Math, and other complex subject lesson plans, online games and other helping materials for you. They are providing helping material from Nursery to Grade 8.

#7 Nickjr.


Is your Child is liking Nickjr shows? Now if s/he has missed the favorite program on TV then channel’s online website is providing your all episodes of the programs. Now you can log on their site for watching program and for watching other videos easily. You kid can get online games other learning lessons here by watching video tutorials to learn something new in Art or a science project.

#8 Scholastic:


Scholastic is one the unique online platform within 10 Best Websites for Educational Purpose. This website is providing your huge library for all famous publishers. They are giving you online shopping service for buying educations books of any popular publisher for your school course or as a helping material at home. You can buy books from pre-K to High School easily by free home shipping offer.

#9 Discovery Kids:

Why there animals live in Jungle? Whey animal don’t live in home? How can Fish Swim? These are few questions that every kid asks from you at the stage of learning. So it is best to give them accurate answer of their question to build up good knowledge in their minds. Discovery Channel is providing interesting programs for kids and by watching there show they can learn so many things that they need to learn.


#10 Highlights For Kids:

Highlight for kids is actually a magazine that is been around form 60 years for kids to give them amazing stories, learning tips, amazing information and some puzzle games. Now this magazine is available online to cover all important information that you kid need to be known as some science, geography, craft and other topics.

Now here is complete list of 10 Best Websites For Educational Purpose for you kids that can provide them online game that are designed to give entertainment plus some learning. You kids can learn complex things by playing easy games and by playing games children can learn easily and can pick things quickly rather that reading book in school library.

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