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10 Autocorrects that Ruined People Life


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Life was very easy when there were no phones around. There were no instant ways to communicate. The biggest advantage of that drawback was that we had a chance to give a deep thought to what we were about to say or wanted to say. The past decade the phones were not so advanced. There were physical keyboards. We had to type every single word out. That seemed to be a problem that we thought must be solved but as the phones started to become more advance and indeed became smartphones, there was a time in between which was the evolutionary time of the growth of smartphones. It wont be wrong to say to some extent that phones are still in evolutionary stage. There is a biggest draw back that first came into notice when the iPhone rolled out the feature called the auto-correct. The word itself seems very appealing. It means that we don't have to worry about the typos and grammatical mistakes. It is a life saver from the Grammar Nazis. But that not quite the story at all. There are some points at which this auto correct feature almost ruined the lives or did in some cases. Here are few examples how it made some people go crazy. The worst thing is that these auto-corrects are so convincing that some of these people actually bought it and thought it to be real. It's really funny when this sort of things happen to other people. But when they happen to you its sad and will most probably piss you off at your phone. This usually happens with iOs. If you want to avoid this kind of situation. We might suggest you to consider the alternative of your current mobile phone.

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